Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dishes to Wash?

Trying out some hand stitching, to include a running and blanket stitch on these freshly made cotton and waffle backed fabric dishcloths.

LARGE & small scale stitches that are needing some help or constructive criticism here girls!!  (Feel free!)

Overall, loving them in their entirety.

Few of My Favorite Things...

winning gorgeous fabric over at Puking Pastilles!

AND the cool blue and brown business card holder from her sister, Naomi over at Killer Bee Designs!  If that wasn't enough I also received a bookmark and red, white and blue earrings from 2 other gals that are on a team with Naomi!!!  So amazing Naomi and Georgia!!!  WOOOOWEEEE!!

Scored my first vintage bed linens, 2 pillowcases, at a local thrift store making me even more happy:P

If that wasn't enough to make me grin from ear to ear I don't know what else would---BUT then I started to look for a hat for Ayden for Disney next Tuesday and within **seconds** came across this one!!  (Squeal)
 Just sitting there for Ayden's blonde head and priced at $1.00.

Some $5 smoked salmon sushi rolls sealed the deal  day  <3

Hope ya'll are enjoying Wednesday.


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Crafty Nomad Gift:)

Thank you SOOOOOO much Jo!!!!  You're amazing!!!!  It's for this cutie in the pic:P

Sunday, June 20, 2010

getting a tad fidgety

Thinking of making this cute lampshade fabric cover when I get back from WI sometime soon.  Have been keeping up with Google Reader because how can I resist;)  Also went to Volo, IL to an antique mall and gawked at some very vintage patterns, quilts and hankies.  I was good though and didn't spend any money.  Nothing really pulled me completely in anyway.  (At least I kept telling myself this!) 

Miss my blog so see ya'll real soon!

Monday, June 7, 2010

splash of orange

recycled Halloween towel with  the waffle patterned fabric in orange that I was looking for last night

didn't want to have to go to Jo Ann's  (didn't have mula) to get more fabric

didn't get to the 2 other dishcloths I wanted to make, but they are pinned and ready to be sewed when I return:)

there you have it though---one very cute and usable dishcloth; maybe I will enjoy doing the dishes now?....hmmm

 leaving tomorrow for WI with the family!!!

so just needed a quick sewing fix before I leave:P

See ya'll when I return and enjoy the summer breezes and cold drinks!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

more potholder love:p

Here are pics of the backs and fronts of both.  Now that I am done with them and see how cutesy they turned out I may make some more for family members.  Plus I still have more Insul-Brite for the insides:)  Will have to wait until I return from my trip though:(  So happy to be going on vacation, but yet I am secretly going to miss my "machine."  Well I guess it's not a secret anymore, ah well all of the quilters and sewing fanatics can understand. 

Friday, June 4, 2010

Quilt as you go

I saw this over at Red Pepper Quilts (one of my faves) and decided I had to try it.  Thanks Rita!!!  This was so much fun, one of my new favorite things.  Mostly because you can see instant results and patience is not one of my virtues always:/  I did just one block about 8 1/4" and made this really cute and fun potholder.  Just wanted to show it off.  Don't know if I will get the other one done before I leave on Tues.  I recommend this technique:P

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

"Chilling" Quilt Top

Penguins, polar bears and everything "chilly"---- picture blue waters,icicles,snow,icebergs, Antarctica and some sun every once in awhile peaking through the cold air.  Are you following me here???  Not sure what will become the backing yet, but more to come when I get back from WI. HA!!!  I know, I know you wanted instantaneous results sorry.  Speaking of finishing a quilt, I am thinking of going in on a roll of batting with a few other fellow quilters.  That way we can split the cost and be economical--and BEST of all get some great Warm and Natural batting!  Any takers??

Goodnight to ya'll for now.

Just because....

Who does this little sweetheart belong to????  --------------------------------------ME!!!!!-------------

Just thought I would share him a LITTLE with ya'll!

homemade tortillas

All I'm gonna say is no more prepackaged tortillas for this family!!  Cheaper and yummier is always homemade in my eyes:)  I will let you check out the finished product after I tell ya that it take 1/2 hr to let the dough sit, then another 2 hrs. after you roll them into balls---not too bad;)

The recipe book I snatched this great recipe out of is called Dining on a Dime.   Check it out because this cookbook rocks!!!  Got the urge to buy it after I saw my friends copy;)  (Love ya Steph!)

Purse I won:)

This is the darling little purse I won from Sew Me Naomi! thru the Sew Mama Sew May Day Giveaway.  Thanks again Naomi!!!! 

giveaways galore!!!

So many generous ladies out there in blog land giving away beautiful fabrics and their time to put it all together!!  Thank you to all of you and I am thinking I am going to do one too maybe next year sometime---or even later this year we will see so keep a lookout every now and then;)

Leaving a link for ya'll to one heck of a giveaway over at Sugar Stitches.